DPVA Sponsorship Recognition

DPVA was recognized as the official sponsor of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2019-2020 Masterworks Series with a special private reception before the concert on Friday, January 10. Over 130 DPVA members were given a warm, heartfelt welcome at the door of the Donors Lounge at the Schuster Center by our president, Carol Warner and were then invited to relax and enjoy a delicious array of refreshments.

Hot appetizers, a selection of cheeses and crackers, fresh fruit and beer and wine were food fare for the evening. The desserts were especially tasty…who didn’t love those mini crème brulees!!

Paul Helfrich, president of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, addressed the crowd in what was perhaps his last opportunity to do so as president. He expressed his thanks for not only the financial support given to the orchestra but also for the many hours of dedicated volunteer work and commitment to arts education in the Dayton area given by the DPVA members.

It was a delightfully packed house! The warmth, friendship and pride in our continued support of the philharmonic and its many outreaches to the community were the prevailing memories of the evening!

We extend a huge “Thank You” to Amanda Spoon of the DPAA and to our own vice president, Dawn Ross, for their energetic planning for this special evening.