Instrument Collection

Watch for Summer 2020 Donation Dates

Give a gift of a used instrument

The Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association collects new or used orchestra and band instruments.  Donated instruments will be repaired or reconditioned, and then loaned to deserving students at Stivers School for the Arts and the Q the Music program at Ruskin Elementary school. Your gift will give these children the opportunity to shine musically and improve academically.

It's instrumentalLast year, we collected 70 instruments from Grismer locations. Lois Ramey and Scott Gasaway from Stivers were thrilled to get these instruments. Perhaps the most gratifying moment came when Lois said, “Some of these instruments will be in the hands of a student TOMORROW!”

How to Donate

  • Do you have a used instrument lurking in your closet somewhere?
  • Would you like to see a child benefit from playing a musical instrument?
  • Now is your chance to make a dream come true for a deserving young musician!

Even instruments needing repair or refurbishment will brighten the future of a musically talented student!

Check back later this Spring for information on how to donate this summer.