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DPAA Educational Programs

Since 1934, the Dayton Philharmonic has provided an introduction to the wonders of classical music through its man­y Education Programs. Today, we serve over 50,000 children in twelve counties. Last year, members of the orchestra, youth orchestras, and volunteer organization participated in more than 1,2­00 engagements and partnered with over 250 schools!  Beyond Ohio, the League of America Orchestras recognizes the DPAA Education Department and its programs for depth and innovation.

Altogether, we provide a wide selection of programs that suit a variety of education requirements.

Our mission is to bring music to kids in various ways. We want the largest number of children possible to benefit from the considerable advantage of having one of the nation’s best professional symphony orchestras right here in the Miami Valley community.

For more information about DPAA Education Programs go to: daytonperformingarts.org.

Meet our Director of Education

Ruth RevealRuth Reveal is the new Director of Education for the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. Ruth develops and manages all DPAA education programs, holds administrative responsibility for the youth orchestras, and coordinates DPVA education programs. A Dayton native, Ruth is an alumna of the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Muse Machine.

Previously, Ruth was the Executive Director of the Ater School Arts Program in Pittsburg, Kansas, where she developed and orchestrated a bi-weekly arts program for elementary students. Ruth earned her teaching license through the New Teacher’s Project and taught secondary science in Chicago Public Schools, while also serving as a science curriculum writer and department chair.

Ruth graduated from Agnes Scott College with a dual degree in Neuroscience and Music and holds a Master’s Degree in Music, Mind & Brain from Goldsmith College, University of London.